Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


Since early summer, we’ve been caring for a 3-year old female American Rottweiler that was dumped
in our subdivision. We named her Scout. She immediately made herself at home with our little Terrier-
mix, 3-cats, and our kids, ages 2-11.
She’s probably the smartest, most obedient dog I’ve ever kept, (follows command to sit, lay down, stay,
“say please”, (speak/bark). She is an inside dog, is housetrained and will whine at the door when she
needs to go outside to potty. She loves to play outside but doesn’t like to be left outside by herself for
too long.
I let her outside first thing in the morning and then feed her 2 cups of “Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Super
Premium Food For Dogs” – Either the Real Beef or Real Chicken Recipe. She gets another 2 cups
around 5:00 pm. She’s been on this dog food since July.
Her kennel has become her favorite place to sleep and she’ll start pawing at the door when she’s ready
to take a nap. She sleeps peacefully in it most all day while we’re at work. When I need to put her in
her kennel, I simply say, “go to your room” and she runs to her kennel. When I open the door, she
rushes in and lays down, waiting anxiously for a treat.
She LOVES kids; loves to sit as close as she can to them and tries to sit on everyone’s lap. Everyday
we throw ball and she retrieves it. I tell her to “drop it” when she returns it to me and she does. And,
she’s very spoiled to our evening walk after dinner. If she starts to pull on the leash, I stop for 3
seconds and tell her “don’t pull”. It usually only takes one of these reminders to get her to walk with her
leash loose.
She’s been spayed, is current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. She weighs 57 pounds, is
very loving, playful and well-behaved. The only time she’s ever shown any aggression is when
someone tried to take her chew-toy away from her. She growled pretty fiercely but that’s all she did. If
she gets something she’s not supposed to have, just tell her to tell her to “drop it”, and she will.
Scout is a smart, playful, well-behaved dog that deserves a loving, stable home. She’s a great dog!
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