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Monica (F)

Please welcome Monica & Phoebe. Our life begins living in a home with 40+ other dogs as we got older we were just like the rest of them giving birth over and over producing puppies . With very little human contact all we knew was how to survive a breeder home. At 6 years old and now unwanted we were caged up and tossed away. The amazing people in Mississippi reached out to Care of Dc Animal rescue . Knowing it was going to be hard to adopted us out , that didn’t stop CARE we were put on transport . Scared and petrified our journey has begun ! After a 20 hour ride to NY we were placed in a foster home learning that humans are not bad , going to be a long road but these girls are really coming around a little at a time . Now it’s time to find there forever home that they will be loved forever.
Do you have patience and love ?Do you have a quiet home ? These girls need time they are very scared , but have so much love to give 💕
A fence in yard is a must , they will take much time to learn what a harness and leash is all about .
6 Year Old, Male 9 lb
Chihuahua Mix