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Kona  is an 11 lb., 2 year old Bichon Frise who was surreneded to rescue after the breeder decided to close shop.
Breeder dogs are often kept in deplorable conditions and know nothing about human kindness.  They are kept in cages and used specifically for making puppies to sell for money.  They are not housetrained, do not know how to walk on a leash, are petrified of people and need a lot of love, patience and understanding in order to overcome their previous life.
Kona is a brave soul who is slowly adjusting to her foster home and a new way of life.  She is kept in a nice room where she has wee wee pads surrounding her and a big bed where she can relax and adjust at her own pace.  She is afraid of people, but is slowly learning to accept gentle touching and delicious treats.
The ideal home for a dog like this is with a family who has an existing dog in the house so that they have canine companionship which can assist them acclimate to their new surroundings.  The ideal adopter will be loving and patient as Kona slowly learns to trust.  She will need to be taught housetraining and how to walk on a leash.  Crate training will probably be necessary until Kona learns to leash walk and do her business outside or on wee wee pads.  A relatively quiet and calm household is also ideal.  One of the greatest pleasures of rescue is watching a previously shut down dog unfold and bring her personality forward.  Kona has had some access to the living room of her foster home and she does not appear to want to mark.
Kona’s fur was probably matted as she came into rescue shaved down;  the beautiful coat that Bichon’s are known for is waiting to grow.  Kona has soulful eyes and is ready to become a wonderful companion.  If you have the skills, experience or desire to see her succeed, please fill out an online application.
if your   home is the perfect match for her you will be contacted, but there will be a lengthy screening process as we want to make sure she is placed in the perfect environment for her to blossom.   Unfortunately, we are unable to answer individual emails due to the volume.  Thank you for your patience and understanding