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Peyton may be 7 years old and a little shy, but she would LOVE to find some Friends to play with.

Peyton is in a foster home where she is learning the all the pleasures of being a dog. Peyton is a very shy and timid dog and is just starting to come out of her shell.

Peyton would do best in a home which is a fairly quiet environment. Her current foster home has children, so she is fine with kids, she just wouldn’t do well in a crazy, chaotic household. It would be great to have another dog in the house so that she feel safe and comfortable and learn how great it is to be a part of a family.

Peyton loves to be outside and roll in the grass. She takes time to trust, so will not be one of those dogs who is instantly slobbering in your face. She is a great dog who will be happy to be a part of the family and over time, will become that snuggle dog. We’ve seen it a thousand times. When given thechance, these shy dogs blossom and become big, fat Divas before you know it.