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Meet Bert., and Snow. (Snow is the white pup in last pic)
Snow will be coming up to NY after she has her pups. They both came from a terrible situation in Louisiana. Apparently they belonged to some guy who, for whatever reason, decided he didn’t want his dogs anymore. He had 6 pits, all of which he shot in the head…so this elderly man who knew what was going on begged to get these two dogs. They lived in a 10×10 kennel, if that big, no shelter except for a crate big enough for one so they had to pile on top of one another, and were fed every other day or so and abused. 🙁
Once the old man had them, he got in touch with a friend of a friend and we took them into rescue. Thank God for this good Samaritan who saved these dogs from who knows what else.
Bert has some Anatolian Shepherd we think. Bert is approx 8 months old. He is very sweet and good with other dogs.
If you are interested in meeting Bert, he will be at the Petco in Poughkeepsie on Saturday. Get your apps in quickly.