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Sapphire is a Lab Mix and is 1-2 years old, (1-2 years).

Her life hasn’t been that great prior to her coming to us in NY.. She was found in a dirty swamp on someone’s property in NC, pregnant. A kind man found her, took her in his house, cleaned her up and then went on Facebook to try to find someone who could help her. He was struck by her beautiful blue color of her eyes so; He named her Sapphire.

It truly takes a village to help these dogs, because of the help of a lot of rescue angels she made her way up to us in NY and went to an amazing foster home where she was loved and spoiled.

She has the coloring of a yellow lab, but we don’t know what else she is mixed with to give her those striking eyes. We hope when she is adopted, her new family will do a DNA test to see what else she is mixed with.