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Everyone, meet Roxy. She is about a year and a half old.
Roxy is a super sweet, affectionate pup. She loves kids, but she will jump on them and get right up in their face with kisses. She is happy to play fetch in the house though outdoors she gets distracted and doesn’t always go get her toys. Roxy is very excitable and when you get home she gets so excited.
She is house trained. She is very good about going to the edge of the woods, with reminders, to do her business. Roxy is crate trained. She is a chewer so she needs to be in her crate whenever she is left alone. Roxy does well with cats and most other dogs as long as proper introductions are done. She enjoys having another dog in the house to wrestle with all of the time. Roxy is a major snuggler and wants to be close to you at all times. She tries to be a lap dog. Roxy walks well on a leash and loves going for walks. She is nervous of water but would probably enjoy it if she had more exposure. Roxy is a good girl and would love a home with a family that has a lot of time to spend with her.
If Roxy sounds like a dog that will fit in your home, please fill out an application, which can be found on our website