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Are you looking for an adult dog that is already housebroken? Good with kids?? You have to meet Rocky. <3
Rocky was a dog we adopted out as a puppy. Due to situations that are not Rocky’s fault, he needed to be brought back to us. He is approx 3 yo, and is a lab mix.
Rocky is a very friendly social dog. He is great around children, infants, adults, and other dogs. Cats are unknown. Former owners says he is a very sweet boy with an easy temperament.
Rocky needs to be taught leash manners. His former owners had a fenced in back yard, so walking wasn’t really taught.. He knows most of his other commands… sit, wait, down, etc.
If you would like to meet Rocky, your first step would be to fill out an application which can be found on our website www.careofdc. org no spaces