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Remi was going to come to us a few weeks ago, but his foster found a permanent home for him locally. That was all fine and good until we discovered that his folks weren’t going to follow up with getting him neutered, and that they were actually planning to use him to make more puppies instead. While Remi was kinda excited about that (See Picture 2), our rescue team, headed up by Callie Daniels Bryant, wasn’t so thrilled, and after a bit of investigative work, she swooped in and rescued Remi from life as a Stud Muffin. (See Picture 1).

Remi’s a GSD mix, about 7 mos old and appx 40 lbs. He loves other dogs and hasn’t shown any interest in the cats.

He will be at the Petco in Poughkeepsie on Saturday but get yo ur applications in beforehand.