Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


Raven is and ebony beauty both inside and out.   We believe she is a boxer mix.   She’s sweet and friendly and loves people.  She is friendly towards other dogs and is slightly interested in her foster mom’s  guinea pigs.  Raven is well behaved and is left alone during the day on her own.  She likes to hang out on the couch or in one of her many dog beds.  Sometimes she lays on the guest room bed so she can look out the window and make tiny noises at the squirrels.  Raven is very outgoing with people, but is extremely timid in the outside world.  She is learning to appreciate the fenced backyard in her foster home, but is not always eager to go on walks with her foster mom.  She is learning that the larger world is an OK place to explore and her adopter will need to understand her shyness. 
Raven is housetrained and is on a schedule as she doesn’t tell anyone she needs to go out, she just holds it. 
Raven enjoys attention and hugs and kisses, but she’s also completely comfortable with being on her own.  She’d be fine in a house or a smaller dwelling as she is quiet and really enjoys lounging around.  Raven is great in the car and enjoys car rides and will patiently wait for you while you run errands.  Her overall personality is fairly calm, but she can be rambuncous if coaxed and will even run “zoomies” around the house.  She’s learning they’re really fun to do in the backyard, too!
Raven is an easy dog and would be suitable for a first time dog owner.  If you’re looking for a doe-eyed mush, Raven is your girl!
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