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This is Quincey. Animal shelters in MS are not normally a good place to be, but Quincey was actually very lucky when his people decided to surrender him. They only did this after the police had been called twice because they were at a doctors appointment and had left poor Quincey in their car, taped up in a box. Thankfully, he was able to break out of the box and someone saw him and called the authorities.    The people promised that one of them would sit in the car with him, with the AC going, but as soon as the fuss died down, that plan was out the window and he was back on his own in the sweltering car. When the law came back, the folks decided to give him up rather than deal with any more drama.

Once he was in custody of our good buddy Jamie Gregory Grant, his days of problems should’ve been over. When Karen LeCain saw his picture on Facebook, she fell in love and Quincey was quickly whisked away to a foster home. However, a few days later, the foster noticed a little scab on his back. The next day it was much worse, and while no one is exactly sure what happened, we THINK at some point someone put some flea meds on him that either were substandard, or that he was allergic to. It looked like someone had poured acid down his back. He got meds and lots of TLC and is pretty much over it. The hair is starting to grow back so we’re hoping it won’t leave a permanent scar.

Quincey is a sweetheart and loves everyone and everything.   Except flea drops.    He’s not a fan of them!! LOL

If you would like to add him to your family, please fill out an application on our website