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This is Pumpkin and her two little Jack-o-lanterns, Ringo and Starr. Sadly, Pumpkin originally had four babies. That’s what we were expecting when we went to Memphis Animal Shelter to get them.   However, in spite of the fact that Pumpkin had been diagnosed with hookworms, the pups were never wormed. One was euthanized at the shelter because it was “sick and couldn’t breathe.” When our foster got home she realized another one was failing and our vet said we were too late to save it. The remaining two were very healthy and robust, and got a three day dose of strongid, but in spite of that, they still had to go to the ER for a blood transfusion a few days after we pulled them. The ER vet diagnosed coccidia, so they’ve been treated for that as well, and are now healthy and happy little pups.

Pumpkin is small at about 30 lbs, is approx 2 yo.  As of 10/5, her pups are about 11 weeks old.

 If you are interested in Pumpkin, Ringo or Starr, your first step would be to fill out an application, which can be found on our website