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PorkChop – Pending

Who doesn’t like Pork Chops, especially with homemade apple sauce??!! Well, meet another Pork Chop who is just as delicious! Little Pork Chop is between 4-5 months old.
His siblings, Pickles and Tater, were adopted, so now it’s his turn to get lucky. Chops is a Terrier/hound mix, but we don’t know who either of his parents are, so this is just an educated guess. We’re pretty sure he’s not Poodle, though,so your guess may be as good as ours. Apply online for Pork Chop at www. CARE of DC. org (no spaces) . We will not be a Petco this weekend, but you can schedule an appointment to meet Pork Chop at the Thrift Store after your application is approved. See ya’ soon!

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