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Pearl (F)

A Super Nice Person Has Partially $SPONSORED$ My Adoption FEE to help me find a good home.

Please contact CARE of DC if you think that home could be yours…

Pearl was a beloved family pet down in Tennessee. She had a mom and dad and little people siblings, and everyone loved her and she loved them all back. Unfortunately, her newest baby brother had a terrible allergic condition that caused his throat to close up whenever Pearl was around. Even being around anything with her fur on it caused him to be sick. Their mom tried everything to make it work, but the only safe solution was for Pearl to be rehomed.

Pearl was shared multiple times on local rehoming and rescue pages in Memphis, TN, but no one was interested in her. After living with her family for eight years, being the center of their love and attention her whole entire life since she was 5 weeks old, suddenly Pearl had no one to take her in. Pearl’s family was becoming desperate when finally one of our southern peeps saw her plea. When we heard her sad story, we knew we wanted to help Pearl find another wonderful family to spend the rest of her life with.

Pearl is a precious, playful and very young-at-heart 7 yr old dog. She loves kids, car rides, outdoor adventures, and couch time. She is dog selective, so we would need a meet and greet if there is a family dog already in residence.

If you are looking for a new best friend who’s patient, loving, house trained and ready for fun, please consider meeting Pearl. Adoption applications are available on our website at www. Careofdc. Org (no spaces). If you already have an approved application on file, please make an appointment to meet her, and prepare to fall in love. 💕