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We told Paisley there was so much interest in Lola. Lola is another dog that looks very similar to her. She was so worried no one would be interested in her because she didn’t come from a pet store. We tried to tell her that wasn’t true. We told her there would be someone out there to see how pretty she is and what a good girl she is and it wouldn’t matter where she came from. We promised her we would do everything we could to get her THE very best home.

We adopted Paisley out as a 9 week old lab mix puppy. She was returned months later because of “no time”. She was not given any monthly heart worm preventative or the rabies shot because the vet “supposedly” told them no to both because of her bad skin that was due to allergies. We took her to our vet as soon as we got her back. They took a skin scrape. What the vet said was allergies was actually mange..

Thankfully those days are behind her. She is all better. Her skin is all cleared up and she has been living with the head of the rescue, Karen LeCain.

She is a great dog who has lived with other dogs and gets along well with them. She is about 1 yo and weighs about 50 lbs. Paisley is a smart girl who is eager to please. She loves to snuggle on the couch. Paisley is housebroken.. She is a little shy at first, and takes a little bit to warm up.

Please consider bringing Paisley home with you before the holidays..