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We are looking for a home for a 13 yo shih tzu. She is spayed, and up to date on shots. She goes out to potty and also can use wee wee pads.
Her only owner had her since she was a puppy. He got into an accident and has been in a wheel chair. He can’t take care of her, and gave her to a friend of his. Her home is very active with a child and very hyper pups. Natalia is just not happy.

She can see but her eye sight isn’t great. She needs to find a less active home where she can rest her head. Natalia spends a lot of time sleeping.. She would be a perfect dog for an retired couple who wants some company. She is currently in Westchester but transport can be arranged to the tri state area for a perfect home.

Can you help her? Can you open up your heart and home to this sweet girl who has lost the only family she has known? Please PM us if you want to adopt her or know someone who can. Please share..