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We got a message from our friend, Susan Sanders​, who runs the Hernando Animal Shelter, that she’d gotten a call for help from a lady who lived just outside her jurisdiction. The lady had been feeding a stray dog, who quickly blessed her with 8 tiny puppies. Sadly, a week later when the lady went out to check on them, she found the mama dog dead in her yard, cause unknown.

The babies needed more help than she could give them, and we ended up splitting the litter between three fosters. Most of them have struggled with coccidia, and we actually lost two, but the rest are doing great. With love, meds and a lot of care, these pups were deemed healthy enough to come to NY to start the journey on the rest of their life.

Matthew is about 12 weeks old, as of 10/12. We think he is a terrier mix.

To see these cuties, come to the Petco in Poughkeepsie on Saturday, 10/19 from 11-3:30. Please do an application beforehand.