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Hi friends,

My name is Sally. My sister Penelope was adopted on Saturday. I was so happy for her but a little sad for myself that no one has wanted to bring me home. My aunties at CARE tell me that just means my perfect home is still out there waiting for me. One of my favorite volunteers, Allie Natonio​, tells me that she loves me and I’m such a good girl. <3 I just don’t know why people I meet at Petco on Saturdays don’t see what my aunties all see. I know, I know, I’m not a tiny 8-10 week old puppy BUT I promise you I will love you forever and be so grateful to be a part of your family. I am approx 5-6 months old and I hear my friends at CARE call me a lab mix..

A kind lady that I met on Saturday saw that CARE had a special adoption day for my sister and I, and a few of my hound friends where my adoption fee was $250, normally $350. She so generously sponsored a part of my adoption fee so that adoption amount of $250 would continue until I got adopted. Thank you so much anonymous angel. <3

To fill out an application for me, Please go to our website