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Lucifer (M)

Hey there….My name is Lucifer , I have had a rough start at life. Unfortunately 5 of my 6 months of existence I was tied out on a chain in the backyard of  my previous owners home. Not only was I never socialized often with people, I had no other puppy friends to play with 🙁. That was all until the folks at CARE of DC rescued me 🥰 I can be slightly nervous and anxious upon initial meet, until I feel comfortable.  I would be suited best with a new owner who is willing to take the time to give me some training, Attention and of course unconditional Love 💕 Quite honestly , I don’t know what it is like to be a pup based upon never being socialized. If I sound like I may be a good fit and you are willing to give me a chance I will not disappoint you!