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Momma Sicily came to our attention last summer. She was hanging around at an apartment complex where she’d been living for a while. We don’t know why Memphis Animal Shelter hadn’t picked her up at some point, but they hadn’t.

Her luck ran out when she got A: Pregnant and B: hit by a car. At this point, We don’t know why she didn’t go to Memphis Humane Society, which is where injured animals are supposed to go, but she didn’t. 🙁

A friend of a friend asked us if we could rescue her. She was in terrible pain and was in danger of being killed even though she was obviously pregnant. We got her to our vet and she they took care of all her injuries..

Her puppies came soon after, and she proved to be an excellent mother. They are all fat and fine and beautiful.

Sicily is staying behind as a foster fail.

Louie is a male, approx 10 weeks old. Momma Sicily when she was pregnant weighed 60 lbs. Dad is unknown.
They will be at the Petco in Poughkeepsie. Get your application in now if you are interested in any of these pups.

www. careofdc. org