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This is Jack. He is approx 1 yo and about 50 lbs.

Jack was living every Southern dog’s nightmare. He was chained to a tree in a vacant lot in a bad part of town. He had shade, but no dog house, and no food or water most of the time. 🙁
A dog-friendly police officer finally noticed him and his little friend Diamond and stopped to check on them. When she realized their situation, she gave them food and water, then called the local shelter. When the shelter came, they pointed out the food and water and said, “They have food and water. They’re fine.” The owner, who lived down the street, came and said they were his and he was taking care of them, and everyone left. A week later, the officer called the shelter again, and this time there were no supplies and the owner had a court date coming up, so he surrendered them to the shelter. The little girl, Diamond, got adopted immediately, but Jack was on his last day when we pulled him. Jack is the sweetest boy, but he’s very exuberant. He actually had a terrible case of happy tail and had to be on calm down pills for his first few days in boarding. He also had a bad cold, and a very swollen scrotum due to a hematoma following his neuter surgery. He’s all better now though, and a great dog, with his freckle face and beautiful hazel eyes .

Jack loves people, kids and other dogs. Cats are NO-NO!!

Open up your heart and home to Jack. He deserves a happy ever after.