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Say Howdy to Henry!

Henry is an 8 yr old Chihuahua. Like many little dogs who wind up in rescue, Henry is confused and doesn’t know why his life has turned upside down. Henry is very leery of meeting new people, but once he trusts you, he will shower you with kisses and want to be somewhere near you. Henry is an absolute doll and a perfectly behaved gentleman in his foster home.

Henry is fine with his foster siblings, but we suspect he would prefer to be a solo guy and get most of the attention. Henry is wee wee pad trained and well behaved. Henry likes to hang out in his bed and be near his person and will bark occasionally, but is mostly quiet. Henry gets very excited when the leash comes out, but then puts on the breaks once outside. Very silly guy!

Ideally, Henry would do best in a quiet home with a doting mama who is looking for a little companion dog.

Chihuahua’s live an average of 16 years, so 8 is not very old for a little dog. Henry is just hitting his stride!! This is a super easy guy and would love to hang out with someone during this time of social isolation. Looking for a buddy to hang on the couch with you? Henry’s your guy!