Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


You have all heard the saying “it takes a village”. Well it certainly took a village of angels to get Heidi to us.

Heidi was posted on FB by the @City of Hernado animal Shelter. All of us at CARE adore Susan and her amazing staff. We all follow their page. 🙂

They were looking for a rescue to take Heidi. For those of you who know Karen LeCain​. you know she LOVES German shepherds.. She saw the FB plea, immediately called Stefani Timpano​, our transport coordinator, who jumped into action, got in touch with Susan Huff​ to make it happen to get Heidi to us…  Heidi is 5 yo and about 75 lbs

This is what Courtney, the amazing vet who not only treated her, took care of her after care AND fostered her said…….

“We met Heidi the middle of July as she was hit by car. Her owners elected to do the bare minimum to stabilize her.. Unfortunately, 3 weeks later what was initially a laceration on her right elbow had progressed to a deep infection exposing the underlying bone.

It was at this point where the owners were considering euthanasia. We spoke with Susan Huff, who is in charge of the City Of Hernando Animal Shelter​ who graciously stepped up to assume responsibility of Heidi and her treatment plan as an owner surrender. Heidi’s purpose since she was young was as an outside dog to guard their home (even though the daughters later told us she never barks and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body!). The original family fostered her for a few days before she went to a new foster home to bring her indoors (even with her injury she wasn’t allowed further than the garage) and tend to her bandages. She so loves to be indoors and we cannot imagine her as an outside only dog! Heidi’s neighbor even donated to her treatment thrilled she was getting a second chance!

Heidi has done remarkably well on her road to recovery. She is so kind and ready for a new home where she is appreciated for the sweet soul she is and not made into what she isn’t!

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