Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


Gilbert is a Pit / Bulldog Mix and is 2 years old, (2 years).

He has a head the size of a basketball, a heart the size of a beach ball….and is pretty much perfect! He is heart-meltingly sweet and an all-around super good boy. He spent most of his time outside in his previous home, but keeps his cage clean and relieves himself right away outside so I suspect he’ll be a star student when it comes to housetraining. Despite his size he is an angel on leash (not only does he not pull, he wags his tail the whole time and always looks up to check in. He has a really soft mushy personality and has been gentle in all of his displays of affection.

He previously lived with his mom and litter mates and did very well meeting other dogs in our playgroups.

* He is smokey eyed, sweeter-than-pie and ready to add some magic to your life *

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