Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


Hi everyone,

When I was at the adoption events, I kept hearing people say that I was ugly. I tried to get people to pay attention to me but I could hear them whispering, asking “what is wrong with them”. Even when my friends at CARE explained my history, people’s eyes glazed over and they walked away.

My Momma is Snow White. It’s not often that CARE knows our birthdays, but they do with me and my siblings. My birthday is 1/25/19. My Momma looks like a hound/pit mix.

I did not have an easy life. Myself, my siblings and my Momma had what was called puppy pyoderma. We weren’t given the correct medication from the first vet we went to, so our condition only got worse. When we all finally got to NY, our skin was all inflamed, and very red with open sores. We also had hair loss. All of us were a mess. After many, many vet visits, medicated baths, and antibiotics, myself and my siblings all look good, if I don’t say so myself.

After our skin cleared up, I thought we all would get adopted really quickly, that hasn’t happened. At Petco on Saturdays, the play pen where my siblings and I all are, do not get as much attention as the little 10 week old puppies do. We all jump up on our back legs to try to get people attention. I even thought if I wiggled my hiney, someone would see I’m cute and take me home.. That hasn’t happened yet..

I love people, and other dogs. I haven’t been around cats, but I’m sure I would like them because I’m very friendly. I’m not ugly anymore.

Please consider giving me a furever home…



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