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Presenting the Steel Magnolias. Mama M’Lynn. Daughters Truvy, Claree and Ouiza ,and son Drummond. This mama and babies were picked up by a concerned neighbor when the owners moved away and left them.

Drummond is a male

M’Lynn is a beauty and medium sized at about 35 lbs. She seems pretty young, we think less than 2 .
From her coloring, I think she may be a dobie mix, but we can’t say for sure. We don’t know who the dad is, maybe a lab or hound? Pups are about 10 weeks old. Mama is a very sweet, shy girl who needs some training to be an inside dog.

They all will be at their first adoption event on Saturday, at the Petco in Poughkeepsie from 11-3:30. Fill out an application, which can be found on our website www. careofdc. org