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**Cody’s adoption fee is sponsored by William Regan**

Cody is a gorgeous brindle catahoula mix.

Written by Miriam, Cody’s foster home.

Cody stayed with us for a week, thought he found his furever home, but then came back to us. He was thrilled to see our pups (3 Siberian huskies) again, and plays with them like a champ. Our old lady (8 yrs) sometimes warns him off when she’s had enough, and he always listens. The puppies (also each about a year) love him to bits and play all day.
The dogs communal feed, and aside from a few initial issue with our old lady, everything had been great. They share food, toys and human snuggles fantastically.

Cody is 100% puppy! Hes full of energy and will play all day, but he’s also very happy to snuggle up on the couch and nap. He even thinks hes a lap dog sometimes! He does great in the crate when we’re out, no accidents, goes right in, no complaining. At night he sleeps on our bed (pretty much wherever you plop him he stays) and only stirs if he needs a middle of the night potty.

Cody knows sit and paw, and we’re working on lay down and leave it. He needs some work to stop his counter surfing, and sometimes he snatches his treat a bit too quickly, but he’s a puppy and just needs to learn some more. When we eat he’s interested, but lays at our feet and doesn’t usually beg. No issues with teenagers, we don’t have small children or other small pets. He really is a gentle giant full of love, energy and snuggles.
Cody is an amazing dog and will make an excellent addition to your family!

He will be at the Petco in Poughkeepsie on Saturday, from 11-3:30. Come meet him. You will fall in love like we all have.