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Our rescue partner saw a help on a pet rescue page. Someone needed help with 2 Momma’s and their pups. We said we would help if the finder could foster until they were put on transport. When we delivered supplies there, we realized waiting until transport was not a good option for these dogs. 🙁

2 Momma’s, their 12 pups, 5 other big dogs and some humans was not a good situation, so we scrambled to find a foster home for everyone. Thank God for Karen Kessler​ who kept them until we could get them to NY.

We are not sure who is Momma of who, but Charley is 4 yo, a lab mix, Laney is 2 yo, a hound Mix. No clue on who the daddys were.

The pups are adorable and about 10 weeks old.

They will be at the Petco in Poughkeepsie on Saturday. Get your applications in beforehand so your favorite dog isn’t already spoken for.