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Buster was found in one of the flower beds at a church building in Mississippi. He was on death’s doorstep that day. We took him straight to our vet’s office. He was diagnosed with parvo and coccidia and had to be hospitalized for a week for aggressive treatment. He was also treated for demodex. At that first visit, he weighed 27 pounds and is now up to 50 pounds! He’s up to date on all vaccines, has been neutered, and healed from all of his illnesses. He’s house trained to a pet door, knows sit, and likes to play fetch. Buster plays well with other dogs AND cats.. Buster let’s the cat bite him and does not harm our cat. He was the cat’s favorite playmate! He’s about 10 months old.
If you are looking for a dog that is still young, and gets along with all, please fill out an application for Buster.