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Momma BlueBelle was a stray living in an awful place, under a fallen-down house, with her litter of puppies. A friend of a friend discovered her plight and began the difficult task of rescuing the family. She caught six of the puppies fairly quickly, but two remained elusive and it took several trips before they were finally secure. Then it was mama’s turn. BlueBelle turned out to be very thankful to be rescued. She went from being an unsocialized stray to sleeping with her rescuer every night in just a few short days.

She’s a total sweetheart now but will be staying back to get a little more socialized. We are looking forward to meeting her. Her puppies are adorable and ready to find their furever homes. She is a heeler mix, about 50 lbs, daddy is unknown.

They will be making their debut at the Petco in Poughkeepsie on Saturday from 11-3:30 but don’t wait until then to do your application.
www. careofdc. org