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Bonnie is a 3 year old Hound Mix.

Bonnie is such a shy girl.
She loves to lay around and relax.

Here is a note from her Foster:

Hi. I fostered Bonnie. She is a wonderful dog, but has some separation anxiety. Her behavior seems to come from her insecurities. I know she had a loving home, but was removed because she jumped on the owners who are elderly. I think her heart was broken.

I have to say. She seemed to respect my commands around cats. I’m not sure she wouldn’t give chase, but I would say, “ant, ant, ant. Be nice to the kitty.” (Pronounced truly southern, like “aunt”).

We kenneled her when we left the house and for bedtime and for meals. The rest of the time she was free. No snacks around the other dogs. No chews! It Upset her stomach.