Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


In Memory of Bingo

Bingo was a Feist Mix

In a perfect world, every home would have a dog and every dog would have a home

No one can understand the profound love you have for pets until their soul is awakened by the same love.

In rescue, there are days that everything is going great and we all feel we are making a difference. Our hearts feel full with the animals we save and the happy lives they have/will ultimately have. Getting a great home for an animal makes us all keep on keeping on.

Then there are days we all feel we want to give up because it feels like our hearts just can’t handle anymore heartbreak, we want to stop seeing all the awful things we see, we want to not keep ourselves up at night thinking about what more we could be doing to help, we want to not be so stressed out and mentally fried that we take it out on our friends and family. We work so hard to help the best way we can. but sometimes that’s just not good enough. At times, life can be so unfair, but life was so unfair to Bingo.

If Bingo’s blindness wasn’t hard enough, it continued being tied up in someones yard down in Mississippi. He had no one that cared for him, no one to tell him he was a good boy, no one to pet him, no one to comfort him when he must have been so scared hearing all the sounds of being outside. This shouldn’t have happened to any dog, especially to Bingo because he was special.

Things finally looked up for him when he was saved from his horrible existence. He was cut loose and made his way to us in NY. Bingo tested positive for heart worms and was being treated at our vet and on his way to recovery. He had the rest of his life ahead of him, even had an adopter that was interested in him. Saving him from his past life made us all feel so good. We were happy to be a part of what we thought would be his happily ever after. Unfortunately, his heart worms were so bad and the treatment was not enough. The treatment came too late, the damage was done. Bingo passed away and was only 5 years old.

He wasn’t with us very long, but he made an impact on all of us. We hope he knew how much we loved him, how much we wanted him to have a great life and knew he mattered. He mattered to all of us and we’ll never forget him. We so wish there was something more we could have done.

Bingo deserves to be honored
He deserved so much more than he got.
We love you Bingo all Dogs go to Heaven…..
God Speed

No one can understand the profound love you have for pets until their soul is awakened by the same love.


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