Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


The phrase “it takes a village” is so true in the rescue world. It takes a lot of hands of angels who are dedicated advocates to save the dogs. <3

Momma Tasha was dumped out in a rural area in north MS with who we think was her boyfriend. They hung around a small country neighborhood for a few days until one of the neighbors heard a gunshot. The male dog was never seen again. 🙁

The neighbor called Sandy who runs a shelter and asked her to come get the pregnant dog before she gets shot as well. 🙁 Sandy called our rescue partner, Jane Tate Ashe​. Susan Sanders​ runs the City Of Hernando Animal Shelter​. She had a foster who loves shepherds and agreed to foster her for us. She kept her through the birth and until the pups were about 5 wks old. At this point, Wendy Duron​ and her husband David took over and took care of Momma and pups until they could be transported up here.

Knox is a female

It isn’t often that we know the birthdays, but we do in this case. Pups were born 4/8/19. Momma is a 2 yo shep mix weighing about 50 lbs.  If you are interested in Tasha, Please fill out an application, which can be found on our website

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