Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


  • ***We have THE most amazing adopters. One of our adopters, who wanted to remain anonymous, wants to sponsor West’s adoption fee** Thanks so much to the CARE past adopter. This is one of our saddest rescue stories.West is a 1 yo lab mix who is totally house broken.

    We found him whimpering and crying in the woods as we were trying to trap a dumped momma, who obviously had recently given birth. People obviously dumped her after she gave her “owners” puppies they probably will be selling for money.

    Our southern rescue angels heard crying and went to see what it was. This poor dog was hiding, as you can see by the pic. When he was lifted up, there was an awful smell. We found his neck was being strangled by an embedded collar. It was badly infected and he needed emergency vet care ASAP.

    The vet said this was the worst embedded collar case that he has ever seen. 🙁
    He was treated at an emergency vet and then went to a foster to recover. All that he has been through, West holds no grudges.

    He came up to NY and is being spoiled in a foster home with Annelise Spinelli,her daughter Taylor, her family and some small dogs.

    West loves all dogs, not a fan of cats.

    If you can give West the happy ever after he deserves, please fill out an application on our website

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