Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County

Princess Magenta (F)

She is an approximately 6 year old shih tzu with special needs. When she came to CARE she was pregnant and covered from head to toe in mats that were caked with her urine and feces. Her nails were long and growing into her paw pads. She was pregnant with 8 puppies and was so malnourished.

We cleaned her up and then the next day she gave birth to 8 puppies. Unfortunately most of her puppies didn’t make it, but at this time two are still going strong. She wasn’t making enough milk and developed severe mastitis and wasn’t able to feed her pups and another mother took over for her.

She was spayed last week and her bladder stones removed (over 100 in total). She will be ready for adoption soon and will need a special home to feed her a special diet and take her to the vet to monitor for more bladder stones. Her stones were sent out for analysis and soon we will know what type they are so we can get her on the proper diet.

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