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Bambi was pulled from a city shelter where her time was running out. She had a broken pelvis and no one to help her out until Karen LeCain​ and AJ Pittore​ swooped in to the rescue. They went to the Brooklyn kill shelters and fell in love with her.

We took her to our vet. She not only had a broken pelvis, she had broken toes and a dislocated hip.. Because of an AMAZING angel who donated a very generous amount to help her, we were able to get her all the medical care that she needed.. After going to the vet just about every week for X rays and to be examined, she was on the road to recovery, but that was still a long process. Bambi was originally with Karen and her wonderful husband Tom, then she went to Denise’s house.. After healing from her injuries, she needed to be spayed. It has not been an easy time for this little girl, but she’s spunky and is recuperating nicely in her foster home. This is what her foster Momma said about her……

Who’s the bravest, tiniest bundle of cuteness? Bambi! Bambi has lived with other dogs in her foster home, and although she got along fine, she would probably prefer to be the Princess of the Home. She enjoys snuggling with her foster mom and being showered with attention. Although a little Diva, Bambi is also happy to curl up in her doggie bed or disappear to one of her hideouts. She is affectionate, but not overly needy. Bambi is also capable of staying home alone while her foster mom goes off to work and if kept to a schedule, has been very good with her house training. Bambi loves to go for walks and shows off her stuff with the sweetest little strut. She can be vocal to others on the street, or totally ignore them, according to her mood. She occasionally barks at sounds outside of the house, but is not overly vocal and easily redirected.

After her spay, Bambi had a rough patch where she became snappish and showed guarding behavior with her stuffed toy. This behavior has diminished and was most likely in reaction to the surgery, but an adopter should understand that another change in her life might trigger these behaviors and will need to be patient and know that once she has established trust, she will be pure sweetness again. After all, it’s not easy being just 6 little pounds!!

If you would like to fill out an application for her, please fill out an application, which can be found on our website

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