Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County


Aurora was picked up as an injured stray and taken to Memphis Animal Shelter by a nice police lady name Starr. Starr told her Aunt Betty about Aurora, and how bad she felt about having to take her to the shelter. Aunt Betty, in the pic with Aurora, got in touch with Scott Mitchell and they teamed up to rescue Aurora. However, since she was injured, a rescue had to pull her, which is how we got involved. Her injury, a broken pelvis that had revealed badly, turned out to be more serious than anyone was expecting and required expensive surgery. Luckily, our fundraiser was able to cover it. She spent time recovering at Scott’s and then with Karen Kessler, and once the vet released her from his care, she caught the bus to NY.  Aurora is a sweet girl, dog friendly, but very busy, so not great for a small child who might get knocked over easily. Aurora is about a year old, lab mix.

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