Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County

Alice the Miracle dog


Poor Alice hasn’t had it easy lately.  At 5 years old she found herself in a shelter about to give birth.  (From the looks of her this was not her first litter.)  But something went terribly wrong this time .  When the shelter staff arrived for work Alice’s puppies were dead and she was in distress.  We paid for her to be taken to a hospital where she was given an emergency C-section.  She had one remaining puppy that she could not pass.  Unfortunately this puppy didn’t survive either.  Alice was kept at the vet over a 4 day period and then sent back to the shelter for transport.  When we arrived to pick her up she couldn’t even stand.  We had no idea why she was so weak so we rushed her here and brought her to our vet.  We quickly learned that Alice wasn’t given her antibiotics at the shelter and she was dying of a raging infection.  She remained in the hospital for another 3 days.  Thankfully Alice pulled through and she now ready for her new forever home.  She is one of the sweetest little terriers that you would ever want to meet.  She’s not the yappy type. As a matter of fact you hardly notice that she’s around because she’s so quiet.  She is an elegant little lady that looks like she’s wearing a string of pearls because of the white band around her neck.  Alice would be the perfect pet for any family.

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