Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County

Bella and her Babies



There are 2 males and one female.

This little red dog is named Bella.  She weighs 30 pounds but could definitely use a little meat on her bones.  When she arrived we noticed immediately that there was something wrong with her left front paw (even thought the shelter notes said her legs were NORMAL).  One quick look at the x-ray and you can see the problem. It’s too late to be corrected with surgery.  Our vet feels that since Bella isn’t in pain and she uses the leg, that we should leave it alone.   The only other option would be amputation.  So if being emaciated, nursing a litter of puppies and having a messed up leg wasn’t bad enough, we can also add that Bella is heartworm positive.  With all that she’s been through you would think that she would hate people but just the opposite is true.  I have NEVER met a dog that is this mellow and sweet.  All she wants to do is walk next to you.  If you’re out gardening she will be at your side.  She is one of those dogs that when you open the door, she’ll step outside but she’s never going to wander.  Nope she’ll be right on the front porch where you left her.  Bella  and her babies are available for adoption now but the cost of her heartworm treatment will be covered by CARE of DC.



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